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Modernism and the Yiddish Imagination

Gennady Estraikh

Six Tuesdays, October 28-December 2, 2014, 6:30-8:30pm

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This course will present a selection of Yiddish novels and short prose in recent English translation, including the work of Lamed Shapiro, Moyshe Kulbak, David Bergelson, Der Nister, Kadia Molodowsky, and Tsvi Eisenman. Class discussions will cover literary analysis, socialist realism, the role of women, and the political, social, and cultural alignments of Yiddish writers and their artistic communities.

Born in Ukraine, Gennady Estraikh, the 2014-2015 Albert B. Ratner Visiting Scholar at YIVO, served as managing editor of the Moscow Yiddish literary journal Sovetish Heymland from 1988-91. In 1991, he moved to Oxford, England, where he received his doctorate and taught at the Oxford Institute of Yiddish Studies and the School of Oriental and African Studies. Since 2003 he has served as Associate Professor of Yiddish Studies at New York University. He is the author of In Harness: Yiddish Writers' Romance With Communism (2005) and Yiddish in the Cold War (2008), among other publications.

For more information about Gennady Estraikh's appointment as Albert B. Ratner Visiting Scholar, please see our press release.

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Week 1
Lamed Shapiro, The Cross and Other Jewish Stories. 2007

Week 2
David Bergelson, The End of Everything. 2010

Week 3
Der Nister, Regrowth: Seven Tales of Jewish Life before, during, and after Nazi Occupation. 2011.

Week 4
Moyshe Kulbak, The Zelmenyaners; A Family Saga. 2013.

Week 5
Kadia Molodowsky, A House with Seven Windows: Short Stories. 2006

Week 6
Tsevi Ayznman, Pages from a Charred Notebook: The Fabulous Tales of Tsvi Eisenman. 2001.

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